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You can't change the past

Bringing the brokken down once more Kaoru pushed back the tears, and the anger that threatened to spill over. Some how he had been able to make her crumble once more. Only he could make her into someone she didn't not know, or liked. Only he made her feel these odd feelings, but what Karou hated more that anything was she could not hate him for it. No hating him was impossible, not when she loved him so much.

And yet this time was different, though she didn't know why or how? It was just this feeling she had, the pain was innocent, for he didn't even know of it's existence. Not aware that her heart was shattering into thousands of pieces. Cause for the first time he was not the cause, not that he was totally blameless, but yet the past was the past. And no matter how badly Kaoru wanted to change it she couldn't.

Closing her eyes Kaoru heard his voice again as he spoke of her. The women that had been known as the Battousai wife, 'Tomoe.' There it was, the reason behind her madness, her anger, her tears, her pain, her fear. There was so much to think about when it came to her, like what was she like? She had to be someone...special... to have tamed someone like the battousai? Was she beautiful? Was she kind and understanding? Was she comforting? Or did she just let things be as fated intended?

Blinking back the tears once more Kaoru tried once more to picture the loving wife of the battousai, and came up short. Maybe it was cause of the battousai himself that threw her off? That man different than the rurouni that she had come to love. So where did that leave her? Scared was as good guess as any.

Scared of what? Those glowing amber eyes? Of the heated look within them? Only one person could answer that question and she wasn't about to go ask him. She wasnít about to call out the very image she feared. If fear was the correct term that could be applied? But somewhere she knew the really reason why didnít want to face the ambered eyed man, for indeed she was scared. And yet the catch was, she wasnít exactly afraid of him per-say, it was something else completely.

Maybe it was the promise of passion and desire that he let come forth? Maybe only when the color of fire amber over took him did it scare her? The promise of untold pleasure, unspeakable desire? Only seeking acceptance, in all of his unbinding nature? Always seeking something that to Karou seemed distance. And yet in all his un binding glory she really didnít scare her the way he should. His name was suppose to strike fear deep within ones heart, or hatred. Still in this moment everything that was the Battousai, didnít even steal her breath. It was the thought ofÖ her.

The battousai wife, a mere woman. One that had done what she her self could not yet do. Love and not fear that side of a simple man. The comparison between herself and ÖherÖ was unthinkable. Something she simply didnít want to think of. For if she did, she knew that Megumiís words would ring true.

Your no replacement for Tomoe-san. How could Sir Ken love someone like you after loving someone like her?

The bubbling of her emotion at Megumiís words let finally voice her anger, fear, and most of her disappoint in one big scream. Swinging her brokken down in one big powerful swing, Kaoru felt her legs give way and felt the hardness of the ground as she fell. Lowering her head in defeat she blindly let her tears fall, not caring of any thing else.

Never hearing soft padding footsteps round the corner, not until it was to late to dry her tears. Tensing at the voice of the man behind her turmoil.