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Prison can be temporary, death or Love is forever

Love is like a prison…sometimes you can never escape!

-Makimachi Misao
-Said to her husband on the day of her execution


Prison that’s where she was, and where she was going to spend the next fifteen years of her young life. Why? Only that dumb ass cop that had set her up would know. Hajime Saito had proven that he could, and would always be in her life. One way or another. But that was neither here or there, the fact was at seventeen Makimachi Misao was in prison, for at least fifteen years, and maybe more if Hajime decided on more. But it didn’t matter, she was here now. Like it or not. Prison was her new home…a cement home!

Sitting down on her new make-shift bed Misao thought back to a mere four weeks ago, where she, like any other kids her age was going to school and talking about the new and the hottest boys, Just living like a normal teenage girl would, then came that blasted cop, out of no where asking questions on a missing boy from school. The same boy that had rejected Misao’s feelings two days before he disappeared. Only to re-appear, but only dead this time, with Misaos’ lipstick on his lips. Supposedly with other belongings of hers’.

Sighing she barely remembered being arrested and charged. Then as if in a snap she was convicted and sent to an all female prison. Convicted as an adult, convicted of murder. Convicted…Convicted…Convicted

So here she was in her cell. Looking down at her prison uniform. A dark navy blue pants and top. Silently Misao let herself cry for the first time in years. After all it was her first day in prison, best to do it now then a couple of years into her term.

Curling up on the hard bed, she wept for the child that lost her innocents on this day.


Himura, The Battousai, Kenshin was humming softly as he entered the well- lit hallway of his work place. Himura mental went over his upcoming shift, hoping that all the “ladies” were in a better mood today. Smiling he would not help but pick that up, of the many years he had been a correctional officer, plus working in an all female prison, he noticed that all the women had their “monthly” mood swings together.

As he walked by the guard at the check in station be smiled and picked up his shift board. Cell Block F, moaning Himura Kenshin skimmed his mind to see if had done any wrong doing to be punished for? When nothing came to mind he swung his gaze to the guard questioning him with his eyes? The guard simply shrugged and whispered,

“There is a green leaf in F, so maybe they want 'The Battousai' to show her the swing of things here?”

Himura blinked his soft violet eyes a couple of times, a green leaf? In F? That was something new. F was only for the really 'bad girls.' So the courts hardly ever gave the girls to F block. Nodding Himura turned to leave when he notice a friend of his coming up to gather his board.

“Seta, block number?”

It just took a moment for the boy to answer,

“Block…damn it… I have to put up with Takani and Kamiya.”

Himura smiled that meant Seta had Cell Block C, which meant that the kid wasn’t to far away. It was good the kid was near bye, case the inmates got excited about the green leaf, cause if they did not even he, The Battousai, could control them. Preparing the boy was the only thing left to do.

“Seta keep an ear out, I am in F and there is a green leaf about,”

Not surprised Seta smiles and laughed out,

“I know Battousai, I am the one that brought her in from the last ride.”

Himura froze the 'last ride' not the paddy? Damn it to hell and back, this was not going to be a fun day. Deciding that he should get it started, the guard known as the Battousai started his shift.

Seta smiled and yelled out,

“Hey Battousai ya might want to grab a shocker, cause she doesn’t have any holes.”

Himura stopped and looked over his shoulder at the kid, and the look he gave the boy told him that a shocker wasn’t needed. For Seta met the amber eyes of the guard known to the inmates as The Battousai.

Seta shook his head the older guard didn’t understand what he was about to walk into. The girl he had brought in from the last ride was different, and something else he could pick up on ready fast was indeed the fact that she was a virgin. And in this place her best bet was to become a “gold taste.’ At that thought Seta smiled again if the girl was willing he would be more than happy to become the taster.