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Can you tell the differences between
Reality and Fasntasy?

“Mommy WHY can’t I go in the attic? I am not scared of any scary ghost.”

Watching her mother smile sadly, and then softly speak,

“Misao there are no such things as ghost.”

The six year old Misao then let out a childish scream,

“Then WHY can’t I go up there?”





A fifteen year old Misao watched as the bodies of her beloved parents were laid to rest. Wondering why she wasn’t going with them? Why had they demand that she go out and act like a “normal” teenager for once? Had they known???

Known they would die???

As the wind picked up Misao brought her jacket tighter around her body. Closing her Misao listened to the wind seeking any and all answers. Yet nothing came, nodding as she felt more tears spill onto her cheeks she to walk away. Stopping a distance from her parents grave sites. Misao whispered,

“Mom and Dad I don’t know how just yet, but I will go on. I will find the strength to fight this sadness.”

Turning back around Misao headed for her uncle’s car, pausing only when the wind gave her only one answer.

The Attic


Makimachi Misao silently watched as her uncle and his friends discuss a business deal. Noticing yet another empty glass had been set aside Misao sighed and went to fetch it.

That was her role now, meet and greet the guest, make sure everything was in order for them, and then lastly to bid them a farewell.

“To much like a damn wife, if you ask me!”

Glancing up when the guest that set down the glass brought his hand up, and whispered

“What’s to much like a wife?”

Horror filled Misao instantly and she muttered a nothing, quickly gathering the glass she departed to the kitchen. Sighing as she put the glass in the sink and closed her eyes. Instantly her mind filled of him.

It was always him.

Muttering that she need to check back into reality and finish this dinner party. Putting on her fake smile once more Misao could only wait until she could see him again.


Fleeing up the stairs she kicked off her high heels and pulled her long hair loose of its tie. Happiness shone within her eyes as she open the door and quickly glanced around the room. Frowning when nothing came into site she called out,


Seconds later about ten feet in front of her a gray mist filled the room, mentally Misao shrived at the site and from the excitement that filled her body. Smiling as the mist slowly took form Misao through herself at the solid form that was in front of her, whispering

“Aoshi I missed you so.”

She felt his chest move as he moved her to his side but felt no heart beat then she felt his fingers comb through her hair and breathed in his scent, frowning afterwards

“Misao-mine you have to stop this, I do not wish any harm to befall you.”

Shaking her head Misao could only tighten her embrace on him as he whispered,

“You know I will be the death of you.”

Misao could only hope.