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Revenge is best severed cold.

Blinking in surprise she was shocked.
Never would she imagine that he would love someone else.
Nor would it be a friend.

But here she was, in the shadows watching.
Crying, begging, hoping that the betrayal wasnít real?
Biting her bottom lip she tried to blink back her tears.
Wishing that the picture, and noises would just go away.

Thatís when it happened, her hurt turned to anger.
Her love for one man and once a true friend turned to hatred.
Her mind working on ways to make them feel the
pain and hurt she was currently feeling.

Suddenly an idea popped into mind.
There was only one man that could help
her destroy the couple in front of her.

A man that had be-friend both persons.
But the only thing was getting him on her side.
But once he learned of HER betrayal,
he would help her destroy them.


It had been a month since she had came upon them.
A month of talking to her now partner in plotting
of their revenge. A month since she had welcomed him
into her bed. A month since she had learned to
Love the blankness in her lovers eyes.

A month since she sold her soul to the depths of hell.