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Revenge is never sweet

Kaoru sat quietly as every one gathered for the morning meal. Smiling as she heard Misao chatter away at Kenshin, seemly never taking a breath? Not that Kaoru minded, she was happy that the bubbly girl was cheering up. Nodding her Kaoru thought back to when she had received Aoshi’s letter shortly after Misao last visit. Misao had seemed very depress after her return home. She almost had demanded a return visit as soon as Aoshi could. Which was a mere three weeks later. Not that she minded. No she would never complain about Misao and Aoshi visits.

Glancing around she notice that a member of their party was missing. Her smile growing wider when she notice exactly who was missing. My lover, knowing exactly what sign this was, Kaoru set aside her empty rice bowl and softly excused herself. She quickly rounded the corner and headed down an old, beaten down, dirt path. Giggling when she came across her lover as he sat under an old oak tree. Stopping and admiring his lean body as he leaned against the tree. Taking everything about him, Kaoru felt herself becoming hot. Wanting him with a powerful desire.

“You came.”

The statement was short and to the point, something he was very good at. Simply nodding she quickly made her way over to him, and sat down beside him. Raising her hand to push his hair out of his face she softly whispered,

“I will always come for you.”


“Did you see that?”


“Disgusting, but it gives us a chance to plan some more.”

Silences, then

“Plan more?” a pause, then a smirk. “ I can think of more enjoyable things to do while the cat and mouse play, can’t you?”


“Do you promise to make me scream like last time? Oh, and the bleeding part wasn’t so bad either.”


“Oh little one I will do more than make you bleed.”

With that the full rice bucket was knocked over.


Megumi sighed as she closed the door to the clinic. The day had just begun and all ready her clinic was full. Blinking she had to admit that taking care of injured police officers weren’t how she had seen her day beginning. Nor a run in with that crazy cop that wanted Sir Ken’s head. Sighing once more when then damned mans name would not be placed.

She slowly started to mutter how badly that cop has babied his men. Knowing she had seen women take these healing method’s better. Turning to head out of the clinic for a quick breakfast break, she ran right into the man in question.

Suddenly she remembered his name, Saitoh.