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Gundam Wing
Fan Fiction page

*waves* Hallo again ^_^ glad you found Sher's Gundam Wing Fan Fiction Page! You are just going to love these stories. She is a wonderful writer. *bounces* Don't believe me? Take a peek...go it!!!

Sher's Homepage

I Do
Rated: R
Warning: Lime
Relena is getting married!
Is that a good thing?

The sequel to "I DO"

Illusions of Reality

Rated: NC-17
It been six months
since Relena got married.
Everything is not the way it should be.
How will everyone react?
Part 1
Part 2

I love happy endings

Rated: PG
This is a silly one.
What happens when five
end up trapped in an elevator with each other?

lost Childhood Found
Rated: PG
Duo is 80, and a old friend
comes to take him home.

Rated: PG
The Preventors have a day off.
And yet they are all together
so what will be the past time?

Preventor Crisis: Missing, Zechs Marquis

Rated: PG-13
Warning: 6x9, somewhat OOC
Crossover with Cowboy Bebop.
Well it use's CB's storyline
I tryed to think of a short
and right to the point for this one,
but I can't do it.
So I am going to use Sher's.

Zechs makes a wish - and unfortunately, it comes true. Now the Preventors have to save him. And, as if they didn't have ENOUGH problems, they're dealing with a psycho clown. Heero and Trowa are already creeped out. Duo keeps whining about a stuffed toy tiger and a roller coaster. Noin is just pissed as hell. If Wufei hears another cartoon theme song, he'll go crazy. Who knew Zechs and Duo had a commonality besides long hair? Who knew that commonality was...a love for "Pinky and the Brain"? And someone give Une another cup of coffee before she gets REALLY mad.........