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Walking On Sunshine
Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves

When I was ten years old, I didn't quite understand what I felt towards her. She was cute, shy, meek, and kind. She made me blush and I always became nervous whenever I was near her. But I didn't know why. It wasn't until just recently that I started to understand my feelings. It's odd that it took me six years to figure it out - but I finally have. It's so simple, really.

I love her.

Some people might laugh and tell me it was only an infatuation, something I would eventually grow out of when I found another girl more enticing then her. But they were wrong. I knew that I would always love Tsubame. Looking back, I knew I had loved her from the moment we met - when she first fixed my sandal that I had broken trying to learn a sword technique that would protect her.

It was always little things about her that I found myself noticing, just like that incident. Little things, like the way she moved as she carried trays of food down the center aisle of the restaurant. How she was always perfectly balanced, despite the often heavy loads. I wanted to jump up and help her, but I knew she wanted to do her job alone.

She would always take her break whenever I came in for lunch. Not that Tae minded - Tae could care less if Tsubame wanted to eat lunch with me, or sit beside me and talk whenever I dropped by. But the fact that Tsubame always came over to greet me with shining, happy eyes made my day better, even if it had been horrible up to that point.

She had a beautiful smile, too. It was sort of shy and innocent, just like her eyes. Of course, sometimes I found myself unconsciously staring at her lips, wanting to taste them or gently trace my finger over them. And sometimes, I'll admit, my eyes drifted downward whenever she stood and moved somewhere else - I'd watch her hips swaying just slightly, or I'd find myself staring at the point where her kimono crossed and tightened over her chest. If she bent down to pick something up, her kimono would slit just enough for me to catch a glance at her legs. She looked just like a porcelain doll sometimes.

It's true; I did lust after her every now and then. What boy doesn't lust after a girl? God knew Sanosuke always did. And I wouldn't put it past Kenshin either.

But I knew I loved her. Sometimes it wasn't any of the things I usually noticed that made me realize I loved her. Sometimes all it took was that smile of hers and a soft, "Yahiko-Chan..." I'd never admit it to anyone except myself, but it had become her name for me, and I really didn't mind it like I used to. True, I wasn't small anymore. I was a good foot taller then she was, and I was already taller then Kenshin. I probably wouldn't pass Sano, but I wasn't short or small. It didn't really matter though - it was her nickname for me. She'd always called me that.

Sometimes it was the way she seemed to float as she moved down the street. I remember watching her one afternoon. It was as if she were walking on sunshine. I probably had a goofy smile on my face as I watched her that day, thinking about how she could just walk on sunshine like that, however she seemed to do it, and how much I just loved her.

Every now and then we'd manage to sneak off by ourselves, whenever she had a day off and Kaoru wasn't forcing me to train the new students at the dojo. Tsubame and I had our own special place, where we'd first sat down with each other - a place by the river.

I went there to practice a lot, whenever I wanted to be alone; and Tsubame went there to think by herself a lot too. So occasionally we went together.

We'd sit underneath the tree, watching the river drift by towards its destination, wherever that was. We'd watch the sunlight dance over the ripples, the leaves floating in the water, and the Sakura petals floating by on the wind. We rarely said anything to each other on days like that, but we kissed a lot. Tsubame would eventually lean her head against my shoulder and close her eyes, sighing softly and making me realize yet again how much I cared about her - and what I would do to protect her and keep her safe. Somehow our fingers would intertwine and my arm would wrap around her, pulling her closer towards me.

Once we stayed until after dark, and watched twilight fade over the city and the stars appear. There had to have been thousands of them in the sky - sparkling like diamonds and glittering at us. I remember her saying how beautiful they were, and wishing she could stay right where she was forever. And I leaned down and kissed her one last time, lingering there for a moment before I heard someone calling my name off in the distance.

We had just enough time to jump up and separate before Kenshin and Kaoru appeared. They only smiled and chuckled and said they were sorry, but had gone for an evening walk to see if they couldn't find me. Kenshin apologized a couple of more times and said he thought I had gone out to practice. It aggravated me, yes. But Kenshin and Kaoru were the only family I had, so I figured I'd eventually forgive them.

In fact, I forgave them the next day.

I went out to the training hall to practice. It was completely empty, so I opened up the doors and the side windows, letting the sunlight stream into the hall. I grabbed a wooden sword instead of Kenshin's reverse blade, hoping to ease the frustration of practically being caught the night before kissing the girl I loved. I went through swing practice without much thought.


I turned and glanced at the door. Kenshin stood in the frame, sunlight surrounding his body with a pale golden glow. His violet eyes sparkled as he smiled towards me.

"I wanted to apologize again for yesterday." He replied. "I honestly thought you had gone to practice. I had no idea you were with Tsubame."

"It's fine." I said gruffly, making another hard swing. Kenshin crossed the room and grasped the wooden sword with his hand, stopping me from raising it back over my head.

"I understand you're upset with us." He smiled. "Please, forgive us for walking up on you like that. Tsubame is a nice girl. Kaoru and I only wish for you two to be happy, Yahiko."

I paused. Happy?

I was happy, I thought. I was very happy. I had a home, people who cared for me enough to keep me, and a wonderful girl who loved me. I was the protector of Tokyo in Kenshin's place, and I was a strong swordsman. I was sure I'd made my parents proud of me, even if they were dead. I had plenty to be happy for. A smile spread over my face and I loosened my grip on the sword.

"Gomen nasai, Kenshin." I faltered over the words. "I shouldn't have gotten so upset over it. Tsubame and I don't get much time to ourselves... with her working and me training the new students for Kaoru..."

"Then I'll have to speak to Kaoru out arranging another schedule for the students to come train." Kenshin decided. "Maybe only five days a week instead of six. Then you could visit with Tsubame more. Spending time together with her is important, Yahiko."

"That sounds good...the schedule, I mean..." I answered thoughtfully. "The students would like it better to, I think."

"I'll mention it then." Kenshin turned and released my sword, and walked back to the door. He glanced over his shoulder smiled his famous smile at me, but said nothing more and disappeared into the sunlight beyond the training hall.

Even Kenshin walks on sunshine, I thought. But I guess after fighting in the Revolution and eventually overcoming so many trials, and being able to live in the new era with a wife and a child would in itself allow him to walk on sunshine. I raised the sword above my head once more, but my eyes caught notice of something on the ground below my feet.

Sunlight was pouring in on me from high window, gleaming brightly on the polished wooden floor beneath me. I found myself smiling even more. In this time of peace and growth for Japan, I realized one more thing.

I was walking on sunshine too.

This is just a short little POV story I thought of at work one night. I love the song "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves, and it was stuck in my head. So I started thinking about which RK character I could write a story around the song for. My first idea was Kenshin and Kaoru because I love that couple, but there are SO many K/K fluff fics already. I thought about Megumi and Sanosuke, but Megumi isn't a very 'sunshiny' person to me, and Sanosuke might brawl on sunshine...but that's about it. Aoshi and Misao were out because Aoshi is so damn cold, and as much as I love Aoshi/Misao, I hate writing it because Aoshi is SO hard to keep in character!

So, I decided to write one for Yahiko and Tsubame. I don't see many fics for them and I like them both too. ^_^ R/R would be appreciated!

Disclaimer: I don't own Rurouni Kenshin, and I don't own "Walking on Sunshine" or Katrina and the Waves either.